Entering a college or university is a thrilling experience for many. You can make it one of the most enjoyable, exciting, and also gratifying times of your life. When you are admitted to a city such as Exeter, the chances for amazing experiences are enhanced multiple times. In addition to it, sometimes you may get it stressful and tiring if you are incapable of managing everything properly. If you are nervous then it is okay. But, you have no requirement to fear in this regard. If you handle all the things systematically, you can easily spend life as per your expectations. It is important to maintain your system in your first year. After that, the system can turn into a habit. Here are some of the best tips that first-year students need to follow.

Living in Exeter as a student

  • Cost of living: Exeter attracts a wide range of students across the globe. However, the monthly cost of living in the city mainly depends on your rent, as your monthly rent will be a significant expense other than the grocery and travel expenses.
  • Student-friendly neighborhoods: Exeter has quite an amazing community that is quite close to most of the university campuses like Bonhay Road, Exwick, etc.
  • Student rent: The needs of the students are available and that is why we have made our student apartments in Exeter affordable and convenient. We provide affordable as well as luxurious student rooms in Exeter.

Why study in Exeter?

Exeter is one of the best places for students as this city has a friendly atmosphere. You can instantly feel at home. International students can enjoy the diverse lifestyle in the city while having amazing access to all the picturesque surroundings of South West England. This place is highly recognized for its stunning scenery, well-balanced lifestyle, and also attractive surroundings. The students can walk on scenic roads or easily visit the cathedral. You can get indulged in its beauty.

Why students should study in Exeter

Housing for students in Exeter

When you are with us, you can come across some amazing student accommodation Exeter. The vibrant and beautiful city is just 10 minutes from Devon’s sandy beaches. Exeter is continuously voted as one of the top-notch cities in the UK. So, you can live your best life over here.

Here you can book an en suite room or a spacious studio in the student apartments in the city. You can choose from the great locations available. Each of the locations is preferably located for studying near The University of Exeter and Exeter University. They are experiencing everything this vibrant, action-packed city has to offer.

Weather in the city

When it comes to the weather in the city, you will love the place. Winters over here are generally moderate as well as damp. The occasional colder intervals are generally short. Warm, irregular weather comprising hot and cold rainy spells describes the summer. Temperatures do not fluctuate over here. However, the geography of Exeter can upsurge the daily range by a few degrees Celsius. The hottest month is July and the average high of 21.7 degrees Celsius temperature ensures that everyone feels the warmth of the place. The coldest month is January and the average high is around 8.8 degree Celsius. The wettest month is October.